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English Writing Rules Ultimate

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This app contains 60 HD shareable Flashcards Wallpaper.Learn how to Perfect your English writing with 60 Flashcards, that resumes the English writing rulesand best practices. This app helps you to have many alternatives to write the same idea in a formal or informal letter, email or report.
Remember that your investment in English learning is an investment that you will never regret.
You don't know when you will need an English extra word, in an exam, in a Job interview, in a conversation with your beloved friend or in a public speech. Get the Premium version Now and all the consideration for investing in your personal development.
If you are a student, a professional or a tourist and you are keen to perfect you English Vocabulary, and writing skills this is the best start for achieving that.
This app is suitable for IELTS, Toefl, ELS, ESP or any other exam, this app is a good boost for that.This app is better that 10 hours English course.
The premium application contains the following Flashcards:
1="linking ideas to show order, purpose or reason",2 linking ideas to Compare or emphasize",
3=" linking ideas to add information or give examples",
4=" linking ideas to contrast or conclude",5="Writing Explanation",6="Writing Recount",
7="Writing Narrative",8="Writing Procedure",9=" Writing Exposition",10="Narrative style",
11="Information report",12="Essay structure",
13="Condolences message",14="The Words that hiring managers want to hear",15="The best resume terms",16="20 powerful words in a cover letter",17="Describe someone’s personality 1",
18=" Describe someone’s personality 2",
19="CV sample",20="How to write good",21="Formal letter phrases",22="Top Tips for writing",
23="Prepositions grab objects 1",
24=" Prepositions grab objects 2",25="English modal verbs table",26="Formal Vs. Informal English",
27="Letter or email Main part",28="Executive mansion",29="Sample letter",30="Informal letter",31="Friends informal letter",32=" Formal Vs. Informal comparison",
33="Email Writing best practice",
34="Greetings for business letters",35="Requests & final comments",36="Letter components",
37=" Formal Vs. Informal/neutral",38="Writing phrases",39="Transitions words & phrases 1",40=" Transitions words & phrases 2",41="Lead-up to your success!",42="Sample letter",
43="The kinds of sentences",
44="Tricky words",45="Words to express contrast",46=" Words to express comparison",
47="Contrast structure & phrases",48="Comparison structure & phrases ",49="setting a time",
50="Useful phrases to change appointments",51="Example of Condolences letter",52="Standard report Format",
53="Writing a formal letter",
54=" Writing a formal letter to complain",55=" Writing a formal letter to make suggestions",56=" Writing a formal letter to give information",
57=" Writing a formal letter to request permission",58="ESL Writing: Abbreviation meanings 1",59=" ESL Writing: Abbreviation meanings 2",60=" ESL Writing: Abbreviation meanings 3"